What Do You Need To Take Apart An iPhone?
Sep 6,2022
Tips for First-Time iPhone Fixers

If you are starting to repair the iPhone for the first time, pay attention to this tutorial — Repairing
for the first time.

The necessary tools and screwdrivers for disassembling the iPhone:

1. Screwdriver five-star – 0,8mm
2. Phillips screwdriver – PH00 1.3mm
3. Suction cup for removing touchscreens
4. Crowbar
5. Heat Gun
6. Insulation Pad

First, Use the SIM card ejection tool or a paper clip to remove the SIM card tray from the iPhone.


Second, There are two Pentalobe screws located on the bottom of the iPhone 6, next to the lightning
port, that need to be removed. Utilize the 5-point Pentalobe screwdriver and remove the screws from
the smartphone.

Remove Screws

Next, Use a heat gun to heat the surface of iPhone for open it.

Hot Air Gun

Then, Place a suction cup on the display assembly near, but not on top of, the home button.
Pull up on the suction cup until there is room to insert the plastic opening tool in the seam between
the display assembly and the rear case of the iPhone 6.

remove the screen suction cup

plastic spudger pry tools

After the screen is disassembled, you need to disassemble the screws inside the phone, the
screwdrivers you need are these.

screwdriver and picture

All spare parts need to be placed on the insulation pad to facilitate the disassembly and assembly
of the iPhone.

Maintenance Workbench Insulation Pad

These are the basic tools you need to disassemble an iPhone. If you want to try to repair your own
iPhone, buy all these tools, it is worth trying.