Apple iOS 16.1.1 Released: Solved Airdrop Malicious Harassment Problem
Nov 11,2022

Apple pushed the iOS and iPadOS 16.1.1 update (internal version number: 20B101) to iPhone
users the day before yesterday, 16 days after the last release.
As noted by 9to5Mac, iOS 16.1.1 and the iOS 16.2 beta add a new "Everyone for 10 Minutes"
option for AirDrop in China, limiting the amount of time that iPhone users can wirelessly receive
files from strangers. The setting is currently only available in China.
AirDrop normally has three options, including "Receiving Off," "Contacts Only," and "Everyone."
When the "Everyone" option is selected, any other iPhone user within close proximity can attempt
to send you a file over AirDrop, resulting in a pop-up on the screen with an option to accept or deny
the file transfer, with no time limit. In China, Apple has replaced the "Everyone" option with "Everyone
for 10 Minutes," which has a 10-minute limit. After this time elapses, AirDrop automatically switches
to the "Contacts Only" setting.
According to the test, you need to manually turn on " Everyone for 10 Minutes", and the default is
"Contacts Only" to avoid being harassed in public places.
Apple has revealed that it plans to roll out new AirDrop settings globally in the coming year to reduce
unnecessary file sharing. It's unclear when the setting will be available in other countries, or if Apple
will allow users to customize the time limit in the future.
All in all, Airdrop malicious harassment problem has been solved. Further upgrades, we will wait and see.