iPhone 12 Face ID Not Available Problem Has Been Solved
Feb 9,2023

iPhone Face ID is not working which can't unlock the iPhone and keeps saying move iPhone
higher or lower. With regard to the fact that the iPhone Face ID does not work, we have two different
solutions to solve it according to the state of t
he dot projector flex cable.
First, If the original dot projector flex cable works well, you can use AY external face id repair flex cable;
Second, If the dot projector flex cable is not work, you can choose JC dot projector flex cable.
please refer to our last blog about detailed steps:


Today, we will introduce the first case, solving it by AY 
A108 multi-function repair programmer
and external face ID flex cable .

The operation is very simple, please refer to the steps following, Let's take iPhone 11 Pro Max as an example:

1. Remove Face ID component and detect the original lattice flex cable by AY A108 Programmer.

2. Cloud backup the original lattice file.

3. Active the original lattice

4. Buckle the  AY external Face ID Repair flex and active cloud burning the original lattice

5. Install the AY repair cable with the burned data on the original dot matrix cable.

6. Test again, after indicating all normal, assemble it back to phone.

7. Test the Face ID unlock feature, repair succeed.

For more detailed operation method, please refer to our video: https://youtu.be/4myrFA1vR4Q

This AY A108 multi-function repair programmer can solve the face id problem From iPhone X to 12.
You only need to install the external face id repair cable according to your phone models.

PS: The above operations require personnel with professional maintenance and disassembly capabilities to carry out.
If you are
also interested, please feel free to contact us.