Nintendo Switch Lite LCD and Digitizer Touch Screen Lamination Tutorial
Sep 26,2022

With the Nintendo Switch Lite offering a truly handheld experience for Switch users, many people
have quite a few questions about the newly released version of the Switch. Does the Nintendo
Switch Lite have a touch screen? If so, how big is it?

Nintendo Switch Lite lcd and digitizer touch screen

Yes! The touch screen on the Nintendo Switch Lite offers a 5.5-inch display at a resolution of 1280
x720. It also has an LCD screen. It should be noted that the LCD screen  and the touch are separate
structures, whichever is broken can be repaired.

switch lite lcd assembly new

However, after our repeated verification, we found that it is more convenient to use and the
experience is better when the LCD and touch are attached.

Advantages: 1. Reduce the light return rate and the color is darker;

2. The display will be clearer.

              3. The LCD Screen is not easy to enter the dust.

The tools needed:

1. Cleanroom Wiper;

2. Roller;

3. Vacuum Laminating Machine;

4. LCD Bubble Remove Machine.

The detailed steps for laminating the lcd and digitizer touch screen, please refer to the video:

Pay attention: this operation requires professional tools and experience to complete. If you
want to try it, you can contact us or leave us a message.