Samsung Note 20 Ultra Long Screws Damage the Screen
Sep 30,2022

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G has a beautiful 6.9” WQHD+ curved display, pro-grade
cameras with a 108MP main lens and optic 5X Space Zoom, 8K video capabilities, and a powerful
battery. The massive 6.9-inch OLED quad HD+ display on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is big, bold and
colorful. Most importantly, it is expensive.

Samsung Note 20 Ultra with fragile screen, accidentally falling to the ground or pressing it while
sitting may cause the screen to malfunction.

Today, let's analyze another situation that causes the screen to be damaged. That is, in the process
of disassembling the Note20 Ultra, when installing the charging port screw, pay attention to the
length of the screw.
 If the long screw is accidentally installed, it will also cause damage to the screen.

Due to the special structure of Samsung LCD, there will be a problem that the LCD IC will explode
due to the screw being too long or the burr problem.

Note20 ultra lcd ic problem

Let's see the structure of the note20 ultra charging port. After disassembling the phone, the screws
must be the original short screws, not the long screws.

Samsung Note20 ultra charging port

After the LCD IC is exploded, the current technology does not support repairing, and the entire
LCD screen will be useless.

Note20 ultra black screen

Before screwing, you need to select the screw to see if the top of the screw is smooth and whether
there are burrs. When screwing, you can see that the screw is flush with the contact surface, and
cannot be squeezed hard. and the size of the screw is 1.4*2.5mm.

Samsung Note20 ultra screws