What Screws Does the iPhone 13 Use?
Oct 28,2022
iPhone 14

The iPhone 14, as Apple's newest mainstream iPhones, has been released. More or less, iPhone
users encounter the following problems: broken screen, touch failure, black screen, no signal and
others.. What to do if your iPhone is broken?

iPhone Teardown

If you want to repair, you must disassemble the mobile phone. Today, let's take a look at the iPhone
11-13 series, how many screws are there and if there is a problem with your mobile phone, which
screws do you need to buy? If the screw slips or is damaged, you need to replace it.

iPhone 11 set screws

As we all know, the two screws of the display panel are the only screws on the outside of the iPhone
- bottom pentalobe screws. They feature Apple's unique five-point design and require a special P2
pentagonal screwdriver to remove.

iPhone charging port scrw

The following is the detailed screws location pictures:

iphone 11 screws


iphone 12 screws set

iphone 13 screws

To disassemble an iPhone, you need to use a professional screwdriver, usually as following:

iPhone screwdriver

What should I do if the screws of the iPhone cannot be turned?

iPhone screw cannot be turned

First of all, the friction between the screwdriver and the screw must be added, so you can put
something on the screwdriver or screw head, such as double-sided tape, non-woven fabric, or paper.

2. Directly use 502 glue to condense, pour a small amount of 502 glue onto the screw, and use needle
nose pliers to unscrew the screw after the 502 glue condenses.

3. If part of the screw has come out, for example, the screw cap is out, you can directly use needle nose
pliers to tighten the screw cap and then unscrew the screw.

4. There is also a more crude method, which is to burn the head of the screwdriver red on the gas stove,
then quickly put it on the screw, and wait for about 5 seconds to screw it out directly.

Finally, if your phone just needs to be repaired and you don't know which screws to buy, this article can just
help you. Or if you have any other questions, please leave us message and let us know.